The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Session 1
Goblin Arrows

We opened as the heroes turned east onto the Triboar Trail, towards Phandalin. Visions of riches, fame, glory, and power were in the hearts of each adventurer as they pondered what greatness awaited them in Phandalin.

But the dead horses in the road told a different story.

Their benefactor (and Cadman’s cousin), Gundren Rockseeker, and his compatriot Sildar Hallwinter had befallen some terrible fate here not a day ago.

The crew argued about what to do for a while—turn back, plunge on, investigate the scene? But these questions were rendered moot when the first black-feathered arrow struck a tree mere inches away from Jhon’s head: Goblins!

Two goblins leapt out and bared down on Jhon, but the one in the lead was shot clean through before he ever reached his target—Marlo’s quick longbow work. The second was met by Jhon, who cleaved him clean through his his battle axe.

Meanwhile, Cadgar had already leaped into the brush and located the two goblins with shortbows. Cadgar was struck by a goblin arrow, but still had the fortitude to swing his warhammer. A word from Ellinon was all it took for deadly arcane magic to dispatch the third, and the last goblin stood surrounded by 4 angry adventurers. Unable to escape, he threw down his bow and surrendered.

After questioning the goblin regarding the whereabouts of Hallwinter and Rockseeker, Ellinon skewered him with his short sword. The party then decided to travel on to Phandalin to deliver the supplies and resupply themselves before going after Gundren.

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